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Velux Roof Windows & Sun Tunnel Installers

Velux Roof Window Installers ,West Lothian, Scotland

Stylish and streamlined roof windows installed for customers who want to lighten up a room from the new "green" sun tunnels, providing natural light to your dwellings and saving energy costs to Conservation windows for older and more traditional properties. Open up a darkened room, convert a disused loftspace, lighten a hallway-the uses and advantages of roof lights are numerous and add value to your property.

Call us today and we can provide advice and a free no obligation quotation. All major manufacturers including

Call us today and we can provide advice and a free no obligation quotation. All major manufacturers including Velux Roof Windows Fakro and Keylite Roof Windows supplied & installed.

We are a one stop

We are a one stop Roof windows centre, Installing roof windows, internals and any roofing work required, no need for hiring seperate firms. All our Roof lights carry a 10 year manufacturers Warranty.

Unusual or extra large

Unusual or extra large Roof light windows can be made to order.
Attractive Window Blinds can also be supplied.
Electric remote control units also available.
Attractive Window Blinds can also be supplied.
Electric remote control units also available.
Interior View of Velux Windows Installed in Loft Conversion West Lothian
Velux Windows Fitted on a Clay Rosemary Tile Roof in Livingston

With the high cost of housing these days, many people are considering using the roof area to add a room to the home in a Loft Conversion.

Roof space can be dramatically transformed and the use of Roof windows to provide light to the area is essential. There are many benefits or combinations of benefits that glass can provide and several considerations to bear in mind when installing rooflights.
Reducing Heat From the Sun
Keeping Heat Inside
Protecting From Fire
Reducing Noise Levels
Protection From Accidents
Protecting From Crime
Cleaning Itself Continuously
Decoration and Privacy

We Only use the best Roof windows & Sun Tunnels From Velux Windows,Fakro and Keylite Roof Lights
Velux Roof Windows Fitted in Bathgate West Lothian
Sun Tunnels & Solar Tubes Installed in West Lothian Scotland

Roof windows & Sun Tunnel Installations in Lofts & Dormer Roofs

Roof windows are now an integral element in many new buildings.
They open up new possibilities in modern architecture and interior decoration.
Roof windows & Sun Tunnels are also an essential part of converting old, previously uninhabited lofts into functional and comfortable spaces.

House building, loft conversions or a Dormer roof is a major investment which requires not only a large financial outlay but also depends on good decisions and optimum solutions.

Every issue should be discussed in consultation with experts who should help you achieve the best solutions. When choosing your
roof windows we have expert advice and recommendations to help you make your choice.
The Roof light or Sun tunnel is a new product designed to bring ample natural light to every part of your property

Sun Tunnel & Solar Tube Installers in West Lothian, Scotland

New Sun Tunnels make it possible to illuminate all rooms in the building, even those which cannot be fitted with roof windows or vertical windows.

Dimly lit interiors such as bathrooms, corridors, staircases or basements can be particularly uncomfortable to use. Thanks to the sun tunnel, natural light can now be used throughout a building enhancing the user’s comfort, and saving electricity.

A sun tunnel channels daylight which enters the light transmitting tube through a dome mounted onto the roof. The sun’s rays are reflected off the walls of the flexible tube on to the light diffuser fitted into an internal ceiling.

The diffuser spreads the light, evenly illuminating the whole interior of the room. The sun/light tunnel may also be used at night by installing a light kit.

We supply Velux Windows, Velux Window Fitting , Roof Window Installers, Rooflights, Skylights, Sun Tunnels, Fakro Roof Lights, Light Tunnels, Roof Windows installation,skylight fitting and Velux Roof Window repairs.

Velux Roof Window Installed on Flat Roof in Edinburgh Scotland
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Velux Roof Window Installers in Livingston West Lothian
Pyramid Dome Installed on Single Ply Flat Roofing Membrane Roof in Linlithgow West Lothian


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