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Chinese Slate Roof in West Lothian with Snow pins
Roof finished with Farmhouse Red Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Interlocking Roof Tiles
Farmhouse Red Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Interlocking Roof Tiles

West Lothian Roofing & Roughcasting Services in Bathgate

West Lothian Roofing Services are pleased to offer advice on the benefits of new Solar Roof tiles, a great invention to cheaply harness the energy from the sun without installing ugly panels.

  We are always busy Roughcasting & Rendering peoples homes and properties, keeping them wind and watertight during our unpredictable weather.

 For more information on our many roofing services, the roofing material manufacturers all carry online brochures and colour charts of many clay, concrete and plain roof tiles and many different varieties of slate.

Roof in Edinburgh slated in Spanish Slate with Zinc Ridging
Roofing in Edinburgh slated in Cupa Heavy 3 Spanish Slate
Roof Tiling in Plain Roof Tiles with Velux Roof Windows Installed
Clay Rosemary Roof Tiles with Fakro Roof Windows Installed
Mixed & blended Clay Rosemary Roof Tiling in West Lothian
Clay Rosemary Roof Tiles in Scotland
Slating in West Lothian Scotland
A Hotel in Re-Constituted Slate in Scotland
A Sunroom in Edinburgh Slating with Spanish Slate Heavy 3
Slate Roof in Edinburgh with Spanish Slate Heavy 3 Slating
Re-roofing with Roof Tiling or Slating

Clay Rosemary and Clay Pantiles provide an extremely sound modern roofing option.
Developed using a meticulous process utilising the latest in clay technology, they are designed as a modern interlocking tile.
They create a striking look in either Terracotta or Black complete with all the character of a natural clay tile, they are designed to mellow with age.
 For the Scottish climate
Cupa Heavy Duty 3 is the preferred slate of choice for discerning roofers. A Spanish slate Cupa Heavy 3 is a unique slate produced in the same quarry as Cupa 3, but is split to a thickness of 8-10mm. It is specially produced for the Scottish market as an alternative to Ballachulish Scotch slated roof, but is also ideally suited to Ireland’s landscape and Atlantic climate.
Heavy 3 is suitable for commercial projects and residential developments. Its ability to combat dampness also makes it a favourite for conservation projects throughout the UK.
Good Scotch slate is becoming harder and harder to come by and most
Scotch slate is now at their end times, breaking up and going "soft".There are numerous options available when deciding on a roof. Most popular manufacturers are Marley Roof Tiles and Redland Roof Tiles.
The BritLock and Cambrian slates are man made
re-constituted slate yet continue to present an authentic natural slate appearance.
Interlocking slates provide a weathertight layer through the use of interlocking weather bars.
We also install Decra Metal sheet roofing, which looks like
Roof tiling or Slating and comes in many different styles & colours.

A Conservatory Roof Conversion with an Insulated Roof & Velux Roof Windows
A Conservatory Conversion with an Insulated & Solid Tiled Roof System
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A Conservatory Conversion with Roofing in Tapco Slate
A Conservatory renovation with a Tiled roof in Tapco Slate
Lovely P-Shaped Conservatory Conversion completed in Brown Tapco Roof Tiles
A Timber Chalet roofed in lightweight Grey Tapco Slate
Chalet roof in lightweight Grey Tapco Slate


For many centuries,
slate roofing has been desired for its durability and beauty. With authentic surfaces and edges, Tapco Slate highlights the handsome character of slate, at the same time enhancing roof performance through innovative design.
natural slate, TapcoSlate won’t break or delaminate and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

BBA Certified
TapcoSlate gives you the power to evoke both historical elegance and outstanding modern-day style. Our slates are created with moulds cast from real slate to capture genuine peaks, plateaux and curves. Colour-through design and UV stabilisation ensure “stay-true” richness for traditional colours such as Pewter Grey and Plum, bold tones like Brick Red and unique selections such as Emerald Green and Grey/Black blended tiles.

Tapco Slate Mixes are another feature of our unique colour choices, they deliver uncommon elegance through boldly-appealing multiple colours to turn your roof into a work of art.

Call us today and discuss our range of products and services, from a
Conservatory renovation or Garage Re-roof to a large conservation project.
07783 870676

Brown Tapco Tiles used on Conservatory Roof Replacement, Scotland
 Conservatory Solid Roof Renovations in Scotland
Beautiful Tapco Slates on a Conservatory Roof Replacement in West Lothian


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