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Roughcasting & Rendering Contractors

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Coloured Render & Roughcasting Contractors in West Lothian

Applying a coat of coloured render over external walls is good way of giving your house a facelift, especially if the current exterior is unattractive, in poor condition, or a mixture of different mismatched materials.

 For a solid walled house or where the cavity is too narrow to apply sufficient levels of insulation you may wish to take this chance to add insulation. In this case an external wall insulation system is usually a better option than insulating internally as no space or architectural detail is lost within the property.The materials we use in these coloured rendering systems come from several high quality manufacturers like Enewall, Powerwall, K-Rend & Scotrend.

There are many different external wall insulation systems, but most of them are promoted on a supply and fix basis by specialists, so they’re not available to the DIY market.

Roughcast & Pebble Dashing Contractors Lothian

Roughcasting is a type of exterior finishing method used in the construction of buildings. Small pebbles and gravel or other like materials are mixed into the concrete or plaster as a finish for the exterior surface of the walls. The mixture dries into a rough/durable finish that is often maintenance-free for decades. Roughcast is often confused with Pebbledashing, a process where chippings/pebbles are thrown against a soft cement finish.
  While popular in home construction, roughcasting began as a type of finish for many outbuildings. The practice of throwing the chippings/pebbles or gravel against a wall in roughcasting isnt easy. The art is to throw the gravel and other substances onto the wall to produce a smooth even coating with no missed spots.

Rendering & Wet Dash Contractors in West Lothian, Scotland

The Illustration to the left is a chimney re-do which has had Wet Dash applied to it, basically a sand/mortar & water first coat and after drying -a second coat of roughcast which has chippings or gravel through the mix and thrown onto the wall/building with special tools.

Wet dashing is usually painted with an exterior masonry paint after it drys thoroughly.

There are three main types of external rendering, that being pebble dashing, roughcasting and straightforward external plaster rendering.

Pebble dashing – which is also known as dashing – delivers a rough-textured finish which is created by applying different sized pebbles to a freshly applied coat of mortar and left exposed. This gives a freedom of style and colour to the outer wall.
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Planning permission isn’t often required to apply render, providing the house isn’t listed or in a conservation area, and permitted development rights haven’t been removed (visit planningportal.gov.uk and check with your local authority).

Rendering work on a substantial part of a house must comply with Building Regulations. In an older house it is likely that the walls will have to be insulated. This will mean adding insulation within the cavity or, in the case of solid walls, by applying insulation on the inside or outside face of the external walls. It adds to the cost but reduces fuel bills by up to 40 per cent. We are experts in exterior wall rendering, both for houses and for larger projects.

We at West Lothian Roofing have a high level of competence with all types of rendering, including lime render, acrylic renders, sand and cement mortar render and the latest in through-coloured renderering and when changing the look of the properties with new outside render we often change the fascia boards & guttering making the home like new.
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