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Upvc Fascia Board and Soffit Replacement

White Roofline UPVC Fascia Replacement in Linlithgow West Lothian
roofline,upvc roofline,cladding,timber replacement,rotten timber replacement,
Black Ash Upvc Replacement Fascia Installed in Edinburgh Scotland
roofline,upvc roofline,cladding,timber replacement,rotten timber replacement,upvc fascia


West Lothian Roofing's Hard wearing, maintenance free Roofline Upvc fascia and soffit boards available in a variety of styles and colours, like White Upvc fascia board, Teak, Mahogany, Rosewood or even Black Ash. they are especially suited to your home or office, our robust Upvc fascia system is designed for low maintenance and long life and no painting is required ever again.

Roofline Upvc Cover fascia boards are a lower cost option and are made to be attached directly to your existing timber facia boards if they are in a good solid condition, saving you money on full fascia replacement. Full Upvc fascia replacement will be required however, if your existing timbers needs replacing due to rot or wear then a new load bearing fascia will be installed to the rafters, increasing the cost but at the same time ensuring there will be no maintenance issues in the future.
There are many Roofline manufacturers of these boards, but we only use High quality facia and soffit Roofline boards as they are more flexible, hold colour their better and are much less prone to snapping in cold weather. Our replacement boards are 18-22mm thick & our capping boards are 9-10mm thick.We always install with either ventilated soffit or soffit vents.
 We are
Upvc Fascia & Ventilated Soffit
weatherboard Installers.

Detailed Diagram of Typical Upvc Roofline Installation in Scotland
roofline,upvc roofline,cladding,timber replacement,rotten timber replacement,upvc fascia,REPLACE ROTTING TIMBER FASCIA BOARDS DUE TO WEATHER EXPOSURE,
Typical UPVC Roofline Installation View with Gutter Eaves & Anti-Birds Clips
Weatherboard UPVC Fascias & Soffit Installed in Scotland
Rotting Timber-Upvc fascia Installers in central Scotland,
White UPVC Roofline Fascia Boards Installed In Glasgow Scotland
Upvc timber fascia replacement,capping boars,cover boards,Upvc house fascia replacement
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Mahogany Upvc Fascia & Ogee Guttering on Conservatory Conversion Linlithgow West Lothian
Upvc timber fascia replacement,capping boars,cover boards,Upvc house fascia replacement

Benefits & Advantages of Upvc Roofline Fascia and Soffit

   Rot and warp free - virtually eliminating repair or replacement.
   Requires no painting - EVER.
   An Excellent Insulator
   Robust and durable.
   Aesthetically right for any building.
   Resistant to most acids and alkalis - as well as seawater, atmospheric pollution and insects.
   Is resistant to sunlight (U/V) degradation.
   Only requires an occasional wash down with soap and water
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White Upvc Roofline Fascia & Soffits Installed In Bathgate West Lothian
Roofline Installers in Scotland,condensation,ventilation problems


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